tklmap v2.1.0 is now available

05 January 2023

New Features

  • Map Region Filtering: you can now lock the map to a specific continent using the globe button in the top left of the map, next to the filters button. Markers not within your selected region will not be rendered on the map, and region filtering will work in conjunction with any other active filters. This will hopefully alleviate slowness caused by high concentrations of markers in areas you're not interested in (North America is a particular hotspot as you might expect).

  • Default Region Filtering: registered users can select a default region to load in on, in a similar fashion to default filters. This can be done from the 'My Filters' page.

Minor Changes

  • Filter Panel Styling: the filters on the homepage are now contained within accordion buttons for a more compact look.


  • Fixed the maximum age filter not being inclusive of the filter value.

  • Fixed the behaviour of the 'Looking For Age' filter, which was producing some unexpected results in certain situations and generally wasn't working as expected. If you provide both a min and max value here, the filter will return:

    • Any marker that either hasn't specified they're looking for particular ages

    • Any marker which has specified they are looking for people of an age that falls within the range you have specified.

  • Fixed the population of the age filter when the user selects one of their pre-configured filters.

  • Fixed the 'Looking For' gender sliders which would break once a user had loaded a pre-configured filter.

  • Fixed the 'MoreInfo' field from causing the Add Marker flow to break when registered users had populated their bio with certain problematic characters.

  • Fixed filter buttons on homepage from showing at inappropriate times when in the active state.

  • Fixed accordion button behaviour within the user personal details section, which were randomly popping open when the user saves their details.

  • Fixed text centering on filter panel buttons on desktop.


  • Please report any performance issues, especially regarding the slowness of the map or any particular painful areas of the user experience. Map region filtering was introduced to address some existing slowness, but further reports will be useful to guide future development.

  • As always, and I doubt any of the guilty parties will ever actually read this, but please refrain from placing markers in arbitrary locations (middle of the ocean, Antarctica, etc). Especially if you're seemingly placing your marker to try and arrange a meetup. How many sessions do you think are actually happening at Halley Research Station?

  • For anyone interested, a tklmap twitter account is available at:

Thanks to everyone using tklmap! Please feel free to get in touch with any feedback.