Privacy Policy

This privacy policy aims to set out how the data you provide to us is stored and used. The contents of this policy may change without notice. Your continued use of the site following any such changes will mean your acceptance of those changes.

Data we collect

To connect people with similar interests together via the map, we require you to provide a certain amount of personal information. This includes (but is not limited to) things such as: your name, age, gender and email address or other social media handles. Your data is stored in an unencrypted format (with the exception of your marker password) in a database that is only accessible by website administrators.

How your data is stored

Un-registered Users
By setting a password on your marker, you retain control of the removal of your data at all times. Once you have deleted a marker placed on the map, the data associated with that marker is permanently removed from the database and is not stored anywhere else. We recommend you store your marker passwords securely using a password manager, as this website does not offer any password recovery functionality.

In the event that you do forget your password and wish to have your marker removed from the site, you are advised to directly contact the site administrators via email. Note that unless you can verify your ownership of the marker you wish to delete, we are under no obligation to remove it.

Registered Users
Any data you provide as part of the user registration process, and subsequent data you provide via any of the registered user functionality, is stored in much the same way as the data described above. The only user data stored in an encrypted format is your user password.

As a registered user, you still maintain complete control over you data and can permanently remove yourself from the database at any time by using the 'Delete Account' functionality. None of your data is transferred or sold to any third party. During user registration you have the option to "opt in" to additional contact from tklmap, which you can be revoke at any time. "Additional contact" refers to potential future functionality that may utilise your email to inform you of things that may be of interest to you.

How your data is used

Your data is used to maintain the functionality of the site (primarily, the displaying of markers) and nothing more. Your data is not transferred or sold to any third party at any time.


When you visit this website for the first time, you are prompted to accept the terms of use and to confirm you are over 18. This website stores a singular cookie on your device for the purpose of tracking your acceptance of the terms of use and the confirmation of your age, so that you are only prompted once.