tklmap v2.0.0 is now available

30 August 2022

Thank you to everyone who has used tklmap so far and provided feedback / reported bugs. There have been well over 1000 marker submissions since the site went live, which is great to see! Please continue to share tklmap in any relevant communities you are a part of, and feel free to get in touch with any ideas you may have.

This release focuses mainly on adding user registration functionality. Allowing users to have a more persistent presence on the site via registered accounts will open up a lot more opportunities for new functionality that I hope people will find useful. There will no doubt be some undetected bugs contained in this release. Please report any issues you encounter!

New Features

  • User registration: you can now create an account and log in to tklmap via the "Login" link in the navbar. The following features are available to registered users:

    • 'My Markers' section: view and manage up to 3 markers from one central area. If you placed a marker before registering an account, you can also "claim" an existing marker to associate it with your account.

    • Streamlined marker creation: pre-fill the marker creation form with the details added to your account in the 'Personal Details' section.

    • Marker visibility: easily hide your markers from the map from the 'My Markers' section if you feel like taking a break.

    • 'My Filters' section: manage up to 3 filter pre-sets which you can apply from the homepage at will. Your active filters will also apply by default when you load onto the homepage.

    • Reduced ReCaptcha presence: registered users no longer have to complete ReCaptchas when adding or editing their markers.

    • To register, make sure emails from tklmap (sent from "[email protected]") aren't ending up in your spam / junk folder.

  • Looking For Age: you can now specify what age range you are looking for when creating a marker. Filtering by this property is also possible.

Minor Changes

  • For unregistered users, marker password requirements have been brought in-line with the user account password requirements (minimum length and character variation)

  • Markers now take a date of birth field instead of an age, ensuring that age related user information on the site stays up to date despite the relentless march of time. Pre-existing markers have had their date of birth estimated using their ages.

  • Closing the add / edit marker panel on small devices by tapping the grey background behind the panel will now display a confirmation prompt to prevent accidental tapping wiping out user input.

  • Minor updates to the Privacy Policy, Help/FAQ and Contact pages.


  • Linking to a marker will exclude that marker from any clustering, ensuring that the pre-opened infowindow is always visible.

  • Contact method inputs no longer accept @ characters, which often break social media links in marker infowindows.

  • Gender sliders now reset to the correct colours when necessary instead of maintaining their last gender colour.

  • Clicking a marker cluster should now more accurately zoom in on the relevant cluster instead of dumping users in the middle of the ocean.

  • Filtering by contact method should now work as expected and will no longer treat contact methods as overriding filters that ignore all other selections.

Known Issues

  • There are some ongoing issues with the footer on mobile devices. The footer may not be visible on mobile, or it may be present and interfere slightly with map navigation. Please report any specific issues you encounter.


  • Most markers that were placed in the ocean have been moved to a relevant landmass where possible, or have been deleted. Please refrain from placing markers in the ocean! If you're looking for meetups, it makes them essentially useless.

  • The posting rules on the subreddit have been relaxed to allow user submissions. Updates will also be posted in separate submissions like this one (instead of editing the changelog post each time) to increase visibility for subscribed users.

  • For anyone interested, a tklmap twitter account has been created:

That is all for release 2.0.0. The next release will likely focus on performance improvements, as the site is can feel a little sluggish especially when zooming in and out. Thanks again.