tklmap v3.0.0 is now available

28 November 2023

tklmap v3.0.0 is now available. This is quite a large release, with some new features, fixes, and a lot of the changes behind the scenes to make the development of tklmap easier moving forward. Read all about the latest changes and additions below.

New Features

  • News Page: a new News Section has been created to communicate tklmap-related news to you, the users (you're reading a News Post right now!). Previous tklmap updates have had their change notes put onto social media (primarily Reddit and FetLife). But not everyone will be users of those sites. This new News section will enable all tklmap users can stay informed of what's happening with the site.

  • Site Restyle: some of the tklmap interfaces had a bit of a 'beta test' look to them. In this release, the visual design of the site has had some attention through a site-wide restyling. Hopefully you'll find using tklmap a more aesthetically pleasing experience! If you notice something that doesn't look quite right, please get in touch via the Contact Page - don't forget to mention your device and browser of choice if reporting styling issues!

  • Patreon Integration & Supporter Benefits: alongside the release of this version, a tklmap Patreon page has been launched, offering users a way to support the site whilst also receiving a benefit here on tklmap. Registered users who support tklmap on Patreon can now link their Patreon and tklmap accounts to unlock extra site benefits. You can read more about why we've created a Patreon, what the supporter benefits are and how to link your accounts by checking out the Patreon launch news post.

  • Custom Marker Icons: 'Tis the season! Give your marker some festive flair by choosing the festive marker icon from the new 'marker style' step when adding or editing a marker. The festive icon is available to all registered users for the duration of the festive period. Patreon subscribers who have linked their Patreon and tklmap accounts can choose from a wider variety of custom marker icons. The range of icons available will likely be expanded in future releases.

  • Marker Favourites: registered users can now favourite up to 3 markers from the map, which will mark them with a unique icon and allow them to be viewed together in the User Favourites section. You can also filter the map to show just your favourites. Users can increase the maximum number of favourites by becoming a tklmap Patreon supporter and linking their Patreon and tklmap accounts.

  • Admin Functionality a lot of work has been taking place behind the scenes to put various data reporting and actioning tools in place which will improve the speed at which things like marker reports and contact form submissions can be seen and addressed by site administrators. But there's still more to be done - work will continue in this area in future releases.

Minor Changes:

  • An email confirmation field has been added to the user registration form.

  • For unregistered users, the 'Delete Marker' functionality has been rolled into the 'Edit Marker' functionality instead of being a separate option in the marker infowindow.

  • The 'More Info' field on markers will now display up to 10 newlines instead of stripping them out.

  • A 'Clear Region' button has been added to the region filters panel, which will set the region back to 'Global'

  • Closing a marker infowindow will now close any open panels (such as the Edit or Report panels)

  • When creating a tklmap account, your username can now only contain alphanumeric characters, underscores and hyphens.

  • The extremely large background image has been re-cropped, scaled down and set to fit instead of repeat.

  • The Twitter contact method has been changed to reflect the rebrand to X.

  • The validation on the Discord contact method has had a long-overdue update to reflect the Discord username format change.

  • The Contact page has been rolled into the 'Help & FAQs' section, which itself has been expanded with a few more questions.

  • The contact submission form on the Contact page has been massively simplified.

  • More tklmap social media links have been added to the Contact page, so that users across a wider range of platforms can get in touch if they forget their marker passwords.


  • Fixed user account deletion functionality from preventing users from deleting their accounts.

  • Fixed the Add Marker panel submission spinner from getting stuck in the spinning state when adding a new marker.

  • Fixed the email confirmation link leading to a broken login form when the confirmation link is clicked after user has already confirmed their email address.

  • Fixed site title from showing with a hyphen on browser tabs

  • Fixed the Position dropdown from default to 'Lee' instead of the default option

  • Fixed the initial expand state of the 'New User Filters' button when creating new filters

  • Fixed the state of the back button on the 'Claim Marker' page from being disabled when marker limit has been reached

  • Fixed error panel display issues when authentication for marker edit fails

  • Fixed contact method validation not applying fully on the 'Personal Details' form page

  • Fixed new user validation not applying fully when signing up via the Add Marker panel flow

  • Fixed the password reset functionality not enforcing password validation requirements

  • Fix text colour of default filter update success message

If you encounter any unexpected technical or visual issues with the site, please get in touch! And as always, any general feedback or suggestions are also appreciated. Thank you for using tklmap!