tklmap v2.3.0 is now available

06 April 2023

New Features

  • Moving Markers: registered users can now move their markers to a new location on the map by clicking 'Move Marker' in their marker info-window.

  • Contact Page: a contact form has been added to the site (under 'Contact' in the navbar) for reporting problems with your markers, site issues, or just giving general feedback.

Minor Changes

  • The Add Marker flow now has an optional step at the end which will allow you to register an account as part of your marker creation process.

  • Markers created by users without registered accounts must now have unique contact methods. That is to say, non-registered users can no longer create multiple markers with the same contact methods. The same is true for editing existing markers.

  • The Add Marker and Edit Marker panel submit buttons will now display a loading spinner once clicked to make clear that an action is underway.

  • Additional text has been added to the password reset page explaining that the password reset functionality is not for user account passwords, not marker passwords (multiple users have been in touch after trying to reset their marker passwords this way).

  • Markers will no longer cluster at high zoom levels, which will enable markers that are very close together to be seen more easily.

  • A 'Return to Map' button has been added to the User Filters page.

  • Contact method validation has been tightened to now (hopefully) not allow any illegal characters that break the contact method links in marker infowindows.


  • Fixed an issue where failing the ReCaptcha on the marker delete and edit panels would leave the submit button inert until the password was changed.

  • Fixed a bug preventing the enter key from submitting your credentials on the user login page.

  • Fixed the new password requirements for length / character type from being applied to password submission fields, which was preventing valid pre-requirement passwords from being accepted.

  • Fixed marker infowindows not updating after editing due.

  • Fixed marker infowindows being forced closed after changing map zoom level.

  • Fixed markers that are directly linked to from not showing when they sit outside of the active region filter; region filters now ignored when landing on site via marker link.

  • Fixed placeholder marker being removed when panning / zooming around the map.

  • Added check to prevent erroneous duplicate marker creation.


  • Users with accounts will get the most out of using tklmap, and the long-term roadmap for the site will largely focus on adding new features which are available to registered users only. The effort required to develop, maintain and test new features for two user journeys (registered and non-registered users) will become more difficult as time goes on and the site becomes more complex. There are many other compelling arguments for disabling non-registered user marker creation altogether. So ultimately, the ability to add markers without registering an account will likely be disabled in a future release. If anyone feels strongly about this, please feel free to get in touch.

As always, thanks for using tklmap!